Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump

The All New Mirella Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump is used to express and collect milk from the breasts of lactating women. The breast pump may be used to alleviate engorgement of the breast, maintain the ability of lactation, and provide mother's milk for future feedings when separation of mother and baby occurs. The device is intended for single user, not for hospital use. All part are not contained BPA.
  • Memory Function: Save the settings of last work on standby
  • Soft Breast Shield: Reacts to the pumping rhythm which mimic baby's suckling, for maximum comfort and stimulation
  • Quiet and Comfort: Ideal for discreet pumping
  • 9 Level Suction Control: Different suction strength and speed can be set on left and right
  • Bottle Neck Adapter: Suitable for wide neck and standard neck bottles
  • 3 Phase Function: Stimulation, Expression and 2 in 1 phase with adjustable suction and speed
  • Anti-Backflow: To prevent the milk from going into the electric motor
  • 30-mins auto counting memory
  • Alarm clock: To remind you the next pumping time with easy time-setting in order to help you maintain enough milk production
  • Model: HD2715
  • AC adapater: input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, output 10V/1.5A
  • Total Power: 15W
  • Stimulating velocity: 100T/min, Stimulating intensity: ≤0.018 Mpa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Sucking velocity: 26-60T/min, Stimulating intensity: ≤0.034 Mpa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Timer: 30minutes
  • Overall noise: 60dB(A)
  • Operating conditions: 5~40 ° C, Rh≤90%
  • Electric shock protection: AC adapter Class II, host machine Class III
  • Product standard: Q/STXH 01

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