Double Electric Breast Pump

The first breast pump with 9 Level Suction Control technology which is proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow.  More efficient and comfortable.  Unique overflow protection.  Double pumping. Whisper quiet operation.  Easy-to-clean.

  • Memory Function: Save the settings of last work on standby
  • Left, Right or Duet: The suction can be controlled individually
  • Soft Breast Shield: Reacts to the pumping rhythm which mimic baby's suckling, for maximum comfort and stimulation
  • Quiet and Comfort: Ideal for discreet pumping
  • 9 Level Suction Control: Different suction strength and speed can be set on left and right
  • Bottle Neck Adapter: Suitable for wide neck and standard neck bottles
  • 2 Phase: Stimulation and expression with adjustable suction and speed
  • Anti-Backflow: To prevent the milk from going into the electric motor
  • Model: XN-2210M2 (HD2709)
  • AC adapater: input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, output 6V/2A
  • Total Power: 7.2W
  • Stimulating velocity: 100T/min, Stimulating intensity: ≤0.018 Mpa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Sucking velocity: 26-60T/min, Stimulating intensity: ≤0.034 Mpa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Timer: 30minutes
  • Overall noise: 60dB(A)
  • Operating conditions: 5~40 ° C, Rh≤90%
  • Electric shock protection: AC adapter Class II, host machine Class III
  • Product standard: Q/STXH 01

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